These are the top women entrepreneurs changing the restaurant scene

From chefs to business owners, these are the women whose endeavors you should follow.

The restaurant industry is to this day largely dominated by men. However, famous women entrepreneurs are starting to take charge in the fight for gender equality in the workplace. For decades, women have actually had an important role in the restaurant industry without always receiving recognition for it. In fact, there have been only six women across the world to be presented with the honor of three Michelin stars. Among them is the Italian chef Nadia Santini, who has held the three stars for over two decades. As the head chef of one of Italy’s best restaurants, this woman is well known for integrating authentic French cuisine with typical Italian flavors. Her innovative way of cooking marked a brand-new age for the restaurant industry as a whole, attracting the attention of food critics from all all over the world.

When it comes to successful female entrepreneurs, we must talk about the influence Thomasina Miers has made on the UK casual dining scene. As the founder of a group of Mexican restaurants, her hard work has been acknowledged by numerous contemporary Mexican chefs. Her eateries are considered as some of the finest spots for authentic, delicious street food at a price that everyone can afford. Apart from being a successful restaurant manager, this woman is also a food author who has got multiple cookbooks published. Her work has had a tremendous impact on the public’s understanding of a good diet, introducing excellent recipes that are both flavorful and nourishing. At a time when people are learning to be more conscious of the quality of the food they are eating, female entrepreneurs are becoming the trend setters for healthy eating.

Male chefs and entrepreneurs have long been the only ones given credit for the development of upper class eateries. However, as times show, the systematic gender gap that would once be prominent within the restaurant industry is coming to an end. In fact, some of the top-ratedeateries in London are founded and managed by London’s most famous women entrepreneurs. Renowned personalities are frequently active in this field, as seen with Sally Greene, who has put a lot of consideration and effort into the extensive renovation of the restaurant, located in one of London’s most famous neighborhoods. The venue's design aims to create a sense of intimacy and relaxation, resembling a private country-house. The venue manages to incorporate marble, dark wood and parquet floors without being too over-powering, making visitors feel more like guests, instead of clients.

Even though the restaurant sphere has not been the most hospitable towards female entrepreneurs, we are noticing some significant improvements in terms of gender equality and inclusivity in the industry. Female entrepreneurs have successfully fought their way to the top in order to prove that women are perfectly capable of running the kitchens of the world’s finest dining rooms.

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